KingSong S18 Black & White

  • 15.000,00 kr
Tax included.


  • Model: King Song S18
  • Top Speed: 50km/h - unlockable after 10km ridden
  • Range: 100km max potential range
  • Motor Power: (New) 2200W sustained, 5000W peak
  • Battery: 1110Wh, 84V with Smart BMS with balancing, over-charge, over-current, & short circuit protection
  • Control Board: High-performance design - can reliably sustain 2000W
  • Heatsink + temperature control fan
  • Hill Climbing: ~40° max
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Dimensions: 56cm H x 53cm W x 20cm
  • Weight: ~22kg
  • Pedals: Large pedals with grip tape, 10-20cm ground clearance
  • Tire: Extra large 18” diameter 3” wide tire
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth for data transfer
  • Compatible with the King Song App
  • Lights: Bright headlight, rear brake light
  • Handle: Built-in retractable push handle
  • Motor Kill-Switch: Handle sensor to detect lifting motion
  • USB Ports: Built-in dual USB ports for powering and charging your devices
  • Safety Warning System: Audible beeps, pedal tilt-back (configurable in app)


Why KingSong S18?

KingSong S18 has the best suspension when it comes to electric unicycles (EUCs), which makes riding it, one of the most comfortable rides one could get with EUCs.

Secondly, EUCs are one of the most reliable micro-transportation vehicles when it comes to sturdiness. There isn't much that can break in a EUC, while it only has one or two moving parts (wheel, suspension).

Lastly, S18 is a great choice for hard-core riders for rough terrains, not only does it have the perfect suspension and power, but in case that any of the small outer parts get damaged, they can easily get replaced. The cost for the repair is, therefore, minimum, while only the damaged part get's replaced.

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