We love what we do.

We at FlexiFix know that your success and happiness is derived from a well functioning bicycle.

Therefore we provide an outstanding service. Precise and high quality. Friendly. In time. Long-lasting with guarantee. At best prices.



Your final price for any repair will always consist of three items: partslabor and VAT.


Most importantly, when we're fixing your bicycle, you are getting all the new parts for the lowest market price. Same applies when you are buying some accessory from us. Most of the common parts are already in stock and can be used immediately, however some specific ones have to be ordered.

It is also possible to mount an used part for proportional price depending on its depreciation.

We do not work with parts you bring, unless it is agreed before due to an adequate reason. Just imagine you go to a restaurant for dinner and bring a bottle of wine from supermarket. 
If you ask us to use your parts, we will charge a flat rate of 50 kr. per piece.


Our basic rate is 180 kr. / hour + VAT, but we will only charge you for the time it actually took to repair your issue.


The current VAT rate in Denmark is 25% of what we earn. We have no use for this money, we just forward them to SKAT. During the time of repairs, you can get a spare bicycle for no charge at all.

Our values:


We guarantee our repairs to be long lasting. If we made a mistake and the original problem comes back or the repaired part breaks down, we commit to fix it again for free.


You study, you work. Your time is valuable. It is our priority to fit in your time schedule so you do not have delays or additional bus costs etc. We are here for you when everyone else is closed. Around the clock availability and mobility makes your life easier.


Reuse. Recycle. Renovate. If it's possible to save an old bike or its part (tube, brakes, cables, seats, ...), we prefer to repair it and reuse it rather than thoughtlessly replace it for a new one. However, sometimes it's easier and more helpful to install a new part, in that case we forward the metal and rubber waste to be recycled carefully.