Finally, a bicycle rental service (cykeludlejning) in Aalborg that has all kinds of bikes available, not just unified fleets!

“Oh, so you do not want to buy and maintain a bicycle while you are on Erasmus in Aalborg?”

“Your mother is coming to town and you want to show her around?”

We offer a couple of bikes that you can rent for any period of time. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about anything! We take care of everything from delivery to all the repairs. You just ride and enjoy.

How do our bikes beat the sharing solutions?
Ride like a local! No boring unified sharing bikes, but the proper stuff every Dane around you has. Not anymore, you'll be ashamed of feeling like a tourist. 

The sharing bikes come all in the same size, but what if you are too short or too tall for them? When renting a bike from us, a skilled mechanic will always pick a bike of the right size for you and adjust the riding position to fit you perfectly.

Our bikes are varied in setup.
Do you want a citybike without pedal brake? - We have one!
Do you want to try a local trail on a MTB? - We have one!
Do you want to train for a race with a racer? - We have one!
Do you want to ride to the shore and sleep in shelters on equipped touring bike? - We have one!

We think the consumerism today is disgusting. Shared bikes are all new - made in China for cheap. But there are already enough bikes in Denmark. That is why we only use renovated bicycles that someone had thrown out. This way is more sustainable and ecological than supporting the purchasing of new bikes.

Every bike is inspected before we give it to you, unlike bikes stationed outside in the harsh danish weather and barely checked. Also, when you have a problem, we are just there for you, no need to deal with impersonal customer support. 

We are locals who live and breathe in Aalborg and we want you to discover our beautiful city in an original way. You may hear from us about all the hidden and interesting places where you can meet the true local culture. We want to serve those of you who are curious and wholesome and care about their surroundings. 
Also you do not support faceless corporations, but the local economy. Thus, helping to make Aalborg a nicer place for the generations to come.

Oh and since we are leaving out all the unnecessary costs of new bikes, fancy electronics and marketing, you will find out that our bikes are significantly cheaper than anywhere else.


How much do our bikes cost?

The first day will cost you 50 kr +20 kr for each additional day up to 14 days. Then, every day until one month will be +10 kr. And that's a bargain, innit?

For companies or exchange students who rent for multiple months, we have special arrangements. Please contact us for more details and current offers.


Price per whole period

1 day

50 kr

3 days

90 kr

7 days

170 kr

14 days

300 kr

21 days

370 kr

29 - 31 days

450 kr

More than 1 month Individual agreement


Are you an exchange student or worker?
We have special conditions for long-term rentals longer than one month. Please contact us directly or use this request form  


How does it work?
Citybikes are all for the same price, as stated above. Racing, touring and mountain bikes are more expensive due to higher maintenance costs.

Delivery to your location upon arrival is possible and costs 75 DKK within Aalborg and Norresundby. For example, we can bring your bike to a train station or airport and also pick it up from there when you are leaving.

All bikes are now for the same deposit of 500 DKK. 

All bikes are coming well-functional and fully equipped. That means mudguards, basket and/or carrier, lights and lock. As you choose the bike and contact us, we'll schedule a meeting or delivery. After we sign an agreement and receive the payment, the bike is at your full disposal until the rental period ends. If you have any problems with the bike during the period, just give us a call and we'll take care of it as soon as possible.

If you want to be using a helmet, we borrow you one free of charge.
Additional basket for rear carrier is also free of charge.
Repair kit with touring bikes is included in the price.
Child seat and panniers are at extra cost.