All bikes are refurbished and with 3 months guarantee, which includes all service needed or new parts if necessary, but doesn't cover accidents. You will also get a permanent 10% discount on servicing bikes purchased from us.

The restoration process entails a thorough inspection of the bicycle, thorough cleaning, and service or replacement of all damaged parts with maximum durability in mind. That means we won't leave a low-quality tire that will get punctured the next day. or put a new chain on worn out dirty chainrings. 
Every bike also gets a test ride to make sure it's comfortable and safe for use right after it leaves our door.

Each bike's price includes adjustments of the bike to your preferences and up to 10 minutes of accessory mounting (locks, carriers, phone holders, etc). More complicated customization will be charged extra, but at a discounted rate.

Vintage Builds
Here you’ll travel to the old times, when bike were made with love.

Lady bikes
Bikes for ladies with curved top tube designed to suit riding in skirts. Usually with baskets for shopping and other important cargo.

Gentleman bikes
Bikes for gents with a straight top tube.

Unisex bikes
More sporty bikes originally meant for ladies, but also suitable for gentlemen. Usually more comfortable to get on and off thanks to lower top tube.

Road bikes and fixies

Mountain bikes
To conquer the many a Danish mountain.

Kids bikes
Why buy a new bike when they are going to grow out of it anyway...


The refurbished bikes are sorted into three categories - A, B, and C.
Bikes in category C are generally lower quality bikes (Puch, SCO, X-Zite, etc.) in a good shape that required minimum repair and while some parts were replaced, the rest stayed original, resulting in lower price. 

Higher quality brands (Kildemoes, Raleigh, Centurion, MBK, Batavus, etc.) are usually in category B. They are thoroughly refurbished and we try to reach "as new" state with them, meaning that apart from a few frame scratches and smudges they are in perfect mechanical condition. Most wearable components are replaced, ensuring high durability and low future maintenance costs. 

For a truly new-bike-feeling though, you need to see bikes in category A. There, we carefully select great names of components to build unique pieces of bike mechanic's art. These bikes are lovingly restored or build to have all the features of new bikes for a fraction of the price.