Student Rental Booking

Are you a student coming to Aalborg for just a couple of months? And are you in need of a bike for the stay?
It is typically cheaper and easier to rent one of our full equipped and regularly serviced bikes than buy a used bike in questionable shape, spend money on repairs and then worry about selling in the end. 

So what kind of bike can you get?
All our rental bikes were given a second chance after someone disposed of them. Only bikes with high durability and comfort factor are selected for rental and they are fully refurbished to the same high standard as our bikes for sale.
Every bike includes all mandatory equipment, a frame lock, second cable or wire lock, front and rear light, and carrier. 

You can choose one of the following 4 types of citybikes. All bikes have 7 internal gears and differ in geometry and brake type. Pedal brake means the rear wheel is stopped by pedaling backward. Roller brakes are both operated by hand on the steering, which means you can spin the pedals backwards freely without stopping the wheel.

Lady 1 (L1)
Classic shopper with a comfortable upright riding position and pedal brake. Typically with a front basket.

Lady 2 (L2)
Sometimes called unisex and suitable also for shorter guys thanks to the lower top tube. More sporty inclined riding position giving more speed, but slightly less comfort. Available with both pedal brake and roller brakes.


Gentleman 1 (G1)
Classic citybike with pedal brake. Available both with flat steering and curved steering for a more laid back riding position. A basket can be on the rear carrier.

Gentleman 2 (G2)
Classic citybike with roller brakes. Usually a more inclined riding position. A basket can be on the rear carrier.

Are the bikes customizable?
Yes, to a certain extend. We will always help you to adjust the saddle and steering for maximum comfort and do our best to fulfill your requests regarding helmets, baskets and phone holders. However, no component changes will be done on individual bikes.

How much will it cost you?
The price is the same for all bike types: 150 kr / month.
Deposit for all bike types is: 500 DKK / 67 EUR, cash. It is refunded to you when you return the bike.
You pay for the rent and deposit when you pick-up the bike. The rent is usually prepaid for the whole period unless agreed otherwise.

What if something happens to the bike? 
Every bike is inspected and maintained before it is rented out. Service is included in the price so there are no additional costs for you during the rental. Most bikes do not require any repairs during the rental period, but typical small issues could be flat tires, light battery replacement, or gear adjustments.
Damages due to accidents or theft are your responsibility, but should be covered by liability insurance - yours or the one who damages the bike.
If you lose a key to the lock, an amount depending on the lock type will be charged or deducted from your deposit. 

How do I get a rental bike? 
If you have further questions before requesting a bike, please contact us via WhatsApp, phone or email. Otherwise, if you are ready to ride, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you when a suitable bike is prepared for you. That would usually take 1-2 workdays.