There is something oddly satisfying about giving an old bicycle a second chance.

It's meaningful. Sustainable. Tender. Intimate.

Your bike will have a story and soul.

Is your bike old and rusty, but you still love it? Oh, and you don’t like its color anymore? Maybe tune it up a little bit? Do you want it to look like new again? We offer a wide range of renovation, customization and transformation services. You can basically bring any scrap and we make a nice and original bike out of it again! But we warn you, it can be costly… A complete renovation could for example include the following:
  • Degreasing and complete cleaning
  • Repair of any broken parts, incl. adjustments and wheel centering
  • Removal of the old paint and every bit of rust
  • New paintjob
  • Replacement of every old rusty screw with a new shiny one
  • Greasing of every cable, wire and screw, protecting it from all kinds of bad weather
  • Buying and installment of any new part or equipment you might want (disc brakes, lock, seat, mudguard, pedals, grips etc.)
The price is very individual here and depends on a lot of factors. Please contact us to arrange a meeting and consulting a project for your bike.