Partners and discounts

Collaboration is one of the most important parts of our company. We offer discounts 


We have deep respect and understanding for those of you who deliver newspaper every morning. We know how hard it is. That's why you will automatically get priority in repairs and a suitable delivery spare bike is always ready for you.
Y'all also get special prices on repairs, long-term rentals,  practical accessory, parts and delivery-ready bikes.

We support sustainable delivery methods, especially Waiteer's bike concept. This means 
The deliverers enjoy special discount on all repairs, rentals and purchases in our shop. 

If you love traveling and touring the same way we do, Azores are definitely a place to see from a bike's saddle. The owner Sergio will give you 20% discount if you tell him you're coming from Flexi.
Flexi exists thanks to an amazing Next Step startup environment at UCN. We were also students and we know how it is. Hence all UCN students get automatically 10% discount on all.
Flexi is a local company and we share the love for Aalborg and its people. Our platform spreads helpfulness with bicycle repairs and hospitality to bike tourists.
Our warm recommendation in Copenhagen. Always good vibe, like-minded skilled mechanics and decent price makes this Spanish place our favorite. 

Do you want to support bicycle sustainability and get benefits for your colleagues? Send us and email and we will talk!