Tire Schwalbe Marathon Plus, 28"

Tire Schwalbe Marathon Plus, 28"

  • 250,00 kr
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The best tubular flat-less tire a current market can offer. A design proven by many years of expertise and experience guarantees you with over 5.000 km's of flat-less riding.

Puncture protection is provided by SmartGuard technology, a patented recycled 5mm layer of special rubber. Compared to other puncture-proof tires, it offers lower rolling resistance, which means faster and smoother ride.

Schwalbe's rubber is also one of the most durable tires ever made. Not only the thread wear is slow, but also the side wall is "anti-aging". Thus, the tire does not develop the side cracks, so common on other tires.

E-bike approved up to 50 km/h.

Comes also in all other sizes from 16" to 27.5", just write us to order.

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