Small Gift Card

Small Gift Card

  • 100,00 kr
Tax included.

Only 9 left!

Have you heard your closest ones complaining about their bicycles making weird sounds, losing its performance or needing improvements? 

Finally there is an opportunity to show your love and gratitude with the most practical and thoughtful gift of Christmas 2018! Give them credit to repair or pimp their bicycles. It can also be used as a discount for buying or renting an used bicycle or purchasing parts and accessory.

With a budget of 100 kr., your beloved can for example get:

  • replaced tube
  • installed frame lock
  • replaced brake pads and wire
  • replaced spoke and trued wheel
  • many small adjustments of gears and brakes, cleaning and greasing
  • replaced grips
  • week's rent
  • replaced pedals
How Does It Work

After you order and pay, the gift card will be sent to your email within 48 hours.
If you wish to customize the Card (e.g. put a name of receiver or add more text), please write it in the order note.

If you choose Cash On Delivery, it will be printed out for you and ready to be picked up in our shop.

To redeem the services, the receiver must just come with the Card with valid number and the value will be deducted from their total spending.

Please note that the service examples are indicational and prices may vary for different bicycles. The total price of repairs will be agreed on spot upon checking the bicycle.

The Cards will be valid until 30.6.2019.

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